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SAM HEALTH Consulting

Strategies for your market performance

Our company is specialized in supporting other companies based in the health care market with analysis, strategic consulting and operative assistance.

On the basis of long-standing experience and high professionalism our team monitors continuously the developments and changes in the pharma- and medical market. We discover new trends, analyse the data of your company, identify unused potentials and expand your networks. Our particular strength is the development of new strategies for your market performance. Very important for you is, that our consulting service does not end with the theory. We can support you effectively with the practical implementation of your initiatives.

The Team

We know better – With our experience to your success

SAM HEALTH consulting is integrated in a dynamic network of experts. For each challenge we build a unique team especially coordinated for your requirements. This flexibility offers room for innovative concepts and new business ideas.

Our individual consulting team, specialized for your specific needs, is characterized by high competence and long-standing experience in the health care market. Amongst others, we are specialized in these subjects:

  • Development of concepts and marketing strategies for the medical- and pharmacy industry
  • Analysis of market data
  • Execution and management of various projects

We provide advice and support you from the idea to the implementation.

Addtionally, you will have the chance to build strong partnerships due to our global client base, grown over many years.

Owner Rudolf Achenbach

After completing his studies in biology and geography, Rudolf Achenbach started his career at the sales department in the pharmaceutical division of the Hoechst AG. He worked as a Product- and Marketing Manager as well as Sales Diretor for several companies in the health care market. Before starting his own business, Rudolf Achenbach was Managing Director of the GPI Krankenhausforschung, a Joint Venture company of IMS HEALTH and GfK AG.

Since 2004, Rudolf Achenbach is the owner of SAM HEALTH consulting and acts as a Management Consultant. His main qualities are creativity, problem-solving expertise and versatile experience. With know-how for the market situation and innovative ideas, Rudolf Achenbach provides his clients with reliable, objective and competent advisory support.

Our services

Contacts, Ideas and Concepts

Today the complete health care market has to meet immense challenge of changes. Legal conditions are changing short-term with an ageing society, cost explosion and empty state coffers. This influences the health policy and restricts the margins. Parallel, an increase of competitors become noticable and new distribution channels will strongly affect the market.

SAM HEALTH consulting analyses, advices and supports pharmaceutical and medical companies in change & development processes. With the three modules: environment analysis, business analysis and implementation, our service portfolio covers the most important and decisive sectors of a focused and promising company, as well as product consulting.

Environment Analysis


A environment analysis should be the prerequisite for the development of new products and strategies. With this analysis you can find and define market niches and draw up business models. Only with a detailed knowledge of the influencing factors concerning your company, chances and risks can be assessed and trends be predicted.

SAM HEALTH observes the changes in the health care market, monitors the health policy and researches new trends of the consumer behaviour. We know your competitors and cultivate social contacts to the decision-makers in the relevant areas of the health care market. We perform the environment analysis with long-standing experience and extensive kowledge of the business. These results will find their way into the consulting and the development of our custom-tailored concept.

Business Analysis


In many companies, corporate data is an insuffiently used potential, although, this data represents the knowledge of strategies, products, processes, markets and clients. With a professional and constructive analysis this data is the basis and source to optimize the respective market position and with this, it becomes an important value for your company.

We evaluate your business data, emplement marketing- and sales analysis and with these measures we realize their potential. You receive security for planning and investment to take the next necessary steps and activities.

Implementation process


For the process of change in your company we do not only offer analysis, ideas and concepts, but we support and guide you through the implementation of the forward-looking activities. We develop strategies for pilot-projects and for the launch of products into the market and support you with a full service.

How to contact us

TechnologiePark Köln
Eupener Str. 135-137
50933 Köln
Mo. - Fr. : 8 am - 6 pm

With the car from the motorway: Please take the junction Köln-West and then take the „Aachender Straße“ into town. After about 1 km please make a turn to the left into the „Eupener Straße“.

With the car from Cologne center: Please take the „Aachener Straße“ out of town. After about 200 meters, before reaching the „Militärring“, please make a turn to the right into the „Eupener Straße“.

With public transportation:
From the main station / „Neumarkt“ / „Rudolfplatz“ in direction „Stadion“ please take the line 1 and leave at the station „Eupener Straße“. Coming from the airport, please take the line S12 or S13 until station „Technologiepark“ (Köln Müngersdorf).

In the building you will find us on the 9th floor.